National Park Monster Ranger

Decide Your Fate Book

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As more and more monsters infiltrate our National Parks, you’re part of a new movement to work, train, and fight these creatures as a National Park Monster Ranger!

That’s how NATIONAL PARK MONSTER RANGER starts, but you’ll never predict how it ends! Depending on the choices you make during the story, you could end up:

  • Training giant monsters in Yosemite! 
  • Investigating aliens in the Grand Canyon! 
  • Befriending giant squid in Hawai’i Volcanoes! 
  • Running from Zombies in Zion! 
  • And much, much more!

Written in an inclusive second-person style, NATIONAL PARK MONSTER RANGER is a new book from author, Matthew Buchholz.

PARENTAL NOTE: NATIONAL PARK MONSTER RANGER contains giant monsters fighting, zombies eating people, and people being killed in a comedic, non-graphic manner. Please use your discretion when deciding if this book is right for your child.