Monster Island Escape

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You wake up on a desert island with your memory gone. The only thing you can remember is... you’re a giant monster! That’s how MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE starts, but you’ll never predict how it ends!

Depending on the choices you make during the story, you could end up:

  • Fighting against other monsters!
  • Traveling to an alien planet!
  • Swimming to the bottom of the ocean!
  • Crushing those puny, irritating humans!
  • And much, much more!

Written in the first-person style of classic kids books but with a modern sense of humor, MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE is a new book from author, Matthew Buchholz.

PARENTAL NOTE: MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE contains giant monsters fighting, atomic energy, aliens, and a lot of people being eaten but in a comedic, non-graphic manner. Please use your discretion when deciding if this book is right for your child.