Makin' Bad Waves Look Good

8.5 x 11 Art Print | Leroy's Place

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From the left, this is Dog Park Rufus, Smelly Carl, and Lenny. These guys make bad waves look good. 

This is an 8.5 in. x 11 in. print made from original Leroy's Place art. This image was originally hand drawn directly onto a vintage painting using pen and paint--Photoshop was not used to create this image.

There is a 1/4 in. white border around the edge of the print, and the title is printed in the margin. The paper size is standard, so you will have a lot of quick framing options! The print is not glued to the backing board, so you can easily take it out of the sleeve to frame.

"Makin' Bad Waves Look Good" is printed on a high quality non-archival card stock and will be shipped with a backing board in protective sleeve.

These pieces are originally drawn directly onto vintage paintings--any imperfections on the painting do appear in the print. Also, colors may vary slightly due to photos, light, and differences in computer screens.

*All images are copyrighted by Leroy's Place, LLC*
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