Trillest | Icons Keychain

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Ok, Bay Area. We made the trillest key chain on the planet, and now it can be yours. How are you gonna ghost ride your whip if your whip ain't got deez keys...? Put on a hyphy face, do the bird, and thizzle over to Leroy's Place to get this 'high'-end Mac Dre key chain. 

All of our crystal clear charms are double-sided, so you can see the original art on both sides. The acrylic is strong enough to jingle around in your pocket or bag, and our art has a special coating so it's protected. 

Our keychains start as portraits hand drawn in our Brooklyn studio. The original Leroy's Place illustrations are laser cut in acrylic  and assembled by our small team, in-house. This line is inspired by the look of Shrinky Dinks, but don't be fooled! Our unique process makes our jewelry and accessories MUCH more durable and higher quality. Cool! 

Keychain charm - 1.75"